Sunday, November 23, 2008



I am here updating this blog again...

Finally I completed these two bags this evening...It was so very difficult to sew the green one into a bag due to the thickness of the I had to hand sewn the top part of the bag to make it neat..The machine just would not sew the top part!

This is the close up of the flowers that I had sewn.
The bag...finally..
Code: B231108-B1 RM 75/pc
Another bag...The flowers were sewn into cushion covers previously, but a friend ordered the design and it was to be sewn as a bag..

Tadaaa..the bag...

Code: B231108-B2 RM 110/pc.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is my latest design

.. Close up... I did not put any hard interfacing, and therefore the bag does not have a 'body'. I like the colour though.

Cost: B171108- 01 RM45/pcs

I like the red berries. I will sew them into a small bag to put in my camera and its accesories. Any orders for this small beg? This small bag measures approximately 10"x6"x 3".

Cost: B 171108 -02 RM45/pc

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The following are my latest designs for cushion covers

CU121108 -01
Measurement 16" x 16"
Material : Velvet
RM 75/pc

The following are my latest of RE bags collection:

B121108 -01- RM 70/pc

B121108 - 02 RM70/pc

B1211008- 03 RM 70/pc

B121108 - 04 RM 70/pc

B121108 -5 RM70/pc

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