Monday, June 25, 2007

My Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery is my latest interest. I have been looking at ribbon embroidery books since a few years ago but have never been brave enough to try it out. I have books regarding this craft. Quite a few of them.

A few months ago, when I was bloghopping, I saw one blog that shows how to ribbon embroider. Immediately , I send an e-mail to her and gave her my handphone number. I was really excited to have this chance of how to do the ribbon embroidery. The blogger, Kak Intan, responded and we had quite a long chat. Thank God for her kindness.

Last May, I went to Kak Intan's place and she showed me how to sew the ribbons. Before that she asked me to get the ribbon and some embroidery needles. The needle used for this type of embroidery has big 'eye' in it, in order to pass the ribbon thru it. I even bought a book on A-Z on ribbon embrodery.

I was so excited and could not help myself taking photos on Kak Intan's ribbon work. were so very beautiful and I haven since prayed to Allah to give me the same creativeness towards this.

The above are some of the photos of Kak Intan's artwork. Pretty, aren't they?

Although the meeting was short, I did get to learn a few techiques on how-to-embroider the ribbons.

That night, I did the following embroidery.

My fingers were aching by the time I completed the above,as the material used was very thick.

ALhamdulillah, when I came back to Kerteh, I did manage to complete one more ribbon embroidery, especially for my beloved Mom for her Mothers' Day present.