Monday, December 22, 2008

Small bag

I completed another small beg with full of RE.

Code B221208-B1
size approximately 11.5in x 12.5 inch with 18 inch strap.
Material is velvet
Cost: RM 75

Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Ribbon Embroidery

I am putting more of my Ribbon Embroidery designs...hmm..I like them all...he..he..

Code :B1- 13122008
This bag measures approx: 14.5" ( L) x 15 in (H) x 3 in (W)
RM 85.oo
Kit available - RM 60.00

Code: B2-13122008
Measurement : Approx 16in (L) x 13in x 3 in
RM 85.00

Code: B3-13122008
Measurement : Approx 16in (L) x 13in x 3 in
RM 80.00

Code: B4-13122008
Measurement : Approx 16in (L) x 13in x 3 in
RM 75.00

Code: B2-13122008
Measurement : Approx 16in (L) x 13in x 3 in
RM 75.00
Kit available: RM 45.oo

Code: OG1-13122008
RM 13.00 each ( 2 for RM25.00)

Sunday, November 23, 2008



I am here updating this blog again...

Finally I completed these two bags this evening...It was so very difficult to sew the green one into a bag due to the thickness of the I had to hand sewn the top part of the bag to make it neat..The machine just would not sew the top part!

This is the close up of the flowers that I had sewn.
The bag...finally..
Code: B231108-B1 RM 75/pc
Another bag...The flowers were sewn into cushion covers previously, but a friend ordered the design and it was to be sewn as a bag..

Tadaaa..the bag...

Code: B231108-B2 RM 110/pc.

Thanks for visiting my blog...Do come again...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is my latest design

.. Close up... I did not put any hard interfacing, and therefore the bag does not have a 'body'. I like the colour though.

Cost: B171108- 01 RM45/pcs

I like the red berries. I will sew them into a small bag to put in my camera and its accesories. Any orders for this small beg? This small bag measures approximately 10"x6"x 3".

Cost: B 171108 -02 RM45/pc

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The following are my latest designs for cushion covers

CU121108 -01
Measurement 16" x 16"
Material : Velvet
RM 75/pc

The following are my latest of RE bags collection:

B121108 -01- RM 70/pc

B121108 - 02 RM70/pc

B1211008- 03 RM 70/pc

B121108 - 04 RM 70/pc

B121108 -5 RM70/pc

Hope you've enjoyed the above.... do come again!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Table runner and bags


Today I completed the table runner that I have been working on since last Raya. The tulips were designed in mixed bright colours and some beads were sewn as pebbles between the leaves.. It was a tough work when sewing into a table runner due to its length. I kept making mistakes and had to unstitch for about 5 times.!! It took me more than an hour until completion. However, I am satisfied with the final product and I hope the owner will like it too... The length of the table runner is about 94 inches ( will fit for a table of 8). The width is about 16 inches.

After completing the runner, I did some final touches to the following bags by sewing some coloured beads onto it. I am selling the bags for RM30 each.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More Ribbon Embroidery

This has been sewn for a friend. The colour here does not show the actual colour ( took the photo using hp - hence could not adjust the image properly!) The friendhas ordered 6 pieces of this. I guess I have to be quick in completing this one as our Hari Raya is only about 2.5 months away!
I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve this one the most so far...The colours are so soothing! Hopefully I could sew another one of this so that I have a pair . I will sew it into a cushion cover.
This was meant to be sewn into a HP cover. I have already mailed it to a friend for her birthday present.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Mak suruh post gambar ni pagi tadi...tapi terlambat...ade hal lain!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My May Ribbon Embroidery

This is my latest RE. 3 topiaries...The inspiration came when watching Snow White last week. I tned to sell this one for RM180 for a set of 2 16inx 16 in cushion covers. The colour of the roses may vary depending on the request.

These are small Re bags to put in the gears for praying. I am selling them for RM30 each.

These are the series I have sewn for a friend. The total cost for all three is RM180. The REs will be framed.