Friday, July 11, 2008

More Ribbon Embroidery

This has been sewn for a friend. The colour here does not show the actual colour ( took the photo using hp - hence could not adjust the image properly!) The friendhas ordered 6 pieces of this. I guess I have to be quick in completing this one as our Hari Raya is only about 2.5 months away!
I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve this one the most so far...The colours are so soothing! Hopefully I could sew another one of this so that I have a pair . I will sew it into a cushion cover.
This was meant to be sewn into a HP cover. I have already mailed it to a friend for her birthday present.


Miss 376 said...

These are really beautiful. sure your friend will love them

U.Lee said...

Hi Maklang, gosh! You sure one talented lady. Looking at your beautiful handiwork, if here I don't I think I am wrong to say it will fetch at least $150.00, maybe more for one. (Rgt 450)
Maklang, put it on Ebay...put the price of US $250.
I won't be surprise you get Ebay seen from here to the moon, ha ha. Why not? Nothing to lose, kan?
You have a great week and keep well, Lee.

maklang said...


You are right. My friend loves the RE! And I am so happy!

U. Lee,

why not you put it at Ebay. I know they are expensive over in the States and in the UK!

The problem is, I am not so ebay literate! your help will be greatly appreciated! He..he...

U.Lee said...

Hello Maklang, read your comment my blog...regret I only know or read about Ebay, reason being the sometimes ridiculous prices or money people get selling from their grandmother's antiques to their handiwork.

But not familiar how to do it....yet.
Maybe you can check out Ebay on the Net....all I know is you have to join in...or register, take photographs...ahhhh, ini Maklang got to take really clear and vivid shots...then put it up.
Ebay is like an auction, best bidder gets it...up to you siapa punya offer you want to accept.

Example, if you put a price of your handiwork, (don't put too cheap, ha ha) people all over the world will be looking at it, and tentu mesti ada Mat Salleh ke siapa siapa suka your things, dia ada duit...will make you an offer of your asking price.

Then maybe someone from US pun suka, dia offer lagi 20% more and so on. Up to you apa price you nak accept.

Actually I too am planning to put some very old toys of mine, they are made only as gifts to special clients...I too will be finding out how to put on Ebay...and will put my price for 21 of these toys at US $20, 000. Yes, you read that figure right! Ha ha.

Then hopefully ada orang suka make a higher offer, then whooooHoooo, Saya balek kampong, belanjar Maklang chille crabs and steamed prawns, ha ha.

I when free will check out. You pun can check out Ebay site. Try Maklang,...your handiwork is too beautiful to just give to friends...why not make some, ahemmm, loose change...Raya ta'lama lagi kan? Ha ha. Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Maklang, read your comment my blog.
I mentioned the price as I can guess the time you took to stitch everything. Time cost money.
So? Materials plus your time = $$$, ha ha.
And remember, Ebay is seen WORLDWIDE on the Net.

You are not displaying your handiwork in one store, but worldwide.

I have kliked enlarged on your pics and Holy Smoke! They are very detailed, exquisite, meticulously stitched.....and the roses are outstanding! Beautiful.

To put pics on Ebay, you need the finished products, lay them out on a table, make sure ada nice table cloth...if your bungas are reds and pinks, yellows...use a dark table cloth, black or dark blue can use, then your handiwork will really stand out.

I have been in the Marketing line 35 years...example, kalu woman dress up, pakai lipstick, wear high heels, minimum two inch court shoes or sandals, a nice attractive sarong and tudung or whatever, then you create the ahemmm, similarly it applies to selling products.

To attract buyers, display your best ones, preferably red roses, orchids...beige ones, blues...then use a good camera with accessory flash and take several shots, select the best ones, before putting up on Ebay.

You got nothing to lose, Maklang...kalu jadi, and if ada offers...itu la belanjar saya ikan percik, and ice coffee, ha ha, Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Maklang, Alamak, minta ma'af, saya lupa info you ini....come to my blog, klik on 'Whimsical', she is selling her things on the net...duvets, table cloth. Some old ones too. And not cheap too.
Check her out. Tell her Lee sent you, arhaaa ha ha. Lee.

Akak said...

Salam Maklang...

Cantiknya kerjatangan buatan maklang nih...

Salmi said...

Salam maklang,

Its beautiful and really like your works..geram tengok flower2 tuuuu...

Umi Kalthum Ngah said...


Mak Lang,

You have such nimble fingers...
I love sewing too, got this interest from my late mum who made some pocket money, sewing baju kurung and baju melayu when she was younger and until she was down with stroke...Am still sewing my own tudung, though...

What you do is really terrific! Wished I can learn from you. Not for sale, just to decorate my own abode...

You organize needle classes?

Please inform if you do! Email me:


Noor Rikha said...

Baru jumpa blog mak Lang ni.
Geramnya tengok seni reben mak lang ni.Mak Lang belajar kat mana sampai pandai macam gini ye. Jelesnya. Sorry Mak lang saya dah link blog mak lang kt blog saya, geram punya pasal. nanti tetamu saya pun naik geram juga. Teringinnya nak pandai macam mak lang ni.

Mama_Kaykay said...

Salam maklang..

Seronoknya saya dapat jumpa blog maklang nii.. Kebetulan pulak saya tengah belajar sulaman reben ni.. Hasil kerja tangan maklang memang menarik .. i luv it! saya harap saya dapat belajar lebih banyak cara2 membuat sulaman reben melalui blog maklang nii.. thanks a lot...