Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bags, a small Pin Cushion and a Cushion-to-be


I made something for myself today. All this while I haven't made anything out of RE for myself. So, after so long, I completed a small pin cushion for myself!

I started sewing this small bag about 11:30am today, and completed it at about 1:30pm. I was a bit slow today...Kenapa ye... Not in the mood I guess...but need to complete it as I had planned to visit a friend who is going to Mecca. So, I used the small bag to put in the telekong as a gift for her. Alhamdulillah, she liked it!

This is the RE which has not been sewn into a bag...Bila nak jahit ye...Hopefully , the sis who asked me to sew this likes this one. Its a bit colourful though..

This one will be sewn into a cushion. I started sewing this cushion since last weekend and have not completed it yet. The close-up of the REs are also shown.


sYaNa said...

Salam Maklang :o)


Syana baru jumpa blog maklang yg ini .... cantik2nya hasiltangan maklang! the colour are so vibrant :o)

Very creative & talented :o)

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah....cantiknya Maklang!!!. cheq sungguh-sungguh nak minta tunjuk ajar maklang ajar secara online....cheq nak tumpang pinjam kejap gambar RE ni buat sumber inspirasi. Kalau boleh cheq nak minta maklang ajar mcm mana nak mulakan RE ni? Design yg mcmmana kita nak buat dulu?
jom masuk blog Cheq nak buat link blog bilik jahit mklang kat blog cheq yea.