Saturday, July 28, 2007

My telekongs...


These are the embroideries for the telekongs that I have managed to complete today. I have been quite busy for the last few days.

The cost of each set of telekong ranges from RM150-RM180, depending on the finishings, with beats or without beats.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A bag and 2 cushions

This is the embroidery that was completed yesterday. Completed in 2 days but yet to be sewn to be a bag. Bila agaknya tu??? Maybe wait another two more days, if I am not hooked to anything. Well, now no plans to sew it yet.

I need to complete the 2 cushion covers, my friend had ordered. Actually the bag is also for her... Below is one of the half completed cushion covers.Entah bila boleh siap. I started to sew it yesterday morning, and continued for a short while yesterday evening and about 10 mins today. Thought of continuing to sew it tonite, but it all depends! If I am too tired, I don't think I will be able to sew. Tengoklah nanti! Maybe I'll change my mind and start reading a story book. Who knows!

InsyaAllah, once the bag and the cushions are ready, I will start to sew for my own cushions! And hopefully there will be more orders from my friends, InsyaAllah...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A specially made bag for a special friend...


I started to ribbon embroidery this about 2 weeks ago. Really can't remember the exact date. It was done really quick. The night I cut the material, I almost completed all the roses. Then the next day was just to complete all the brown branches.

I completed sewing the beads when I was admitted in the hospital last weekend.

Yesterday evening, I completed to embroider the wordings and finally this morning, right after performing my solat Subh I sewed it into a bag. This bag will be sent to a friend soon. Hope she will like it....

A friend came to visit me yesterday. The moment she saw the bag-to-be, she immediately wanted me to make one for her...This is what we call rizq. Not only that she also wanted a pair of cushions covers! InsyaAllah I will try to complete them ASAP and will post them in my next N3.

These are the materials used.
Chosen from a basket full of my ribbon collection
These are the roses made out of ribbons. Folded rose ribbons.
These are my DMC mixed with Minlon embroidery threads. What a mess!
Showing off the bag, specially made for a special friend! I hope she will like it. (RM 90)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My first sale...

I completed another set of cushion covers for a friend. She has been my regular customer, that is for making soft furnishings and embroidered scarves.

I started this almost a month ago. It took a lot of effort to complete something like this. Alhamdulillah they are now completed and has already been delivered by my beloved Cik Abang this morning. ( She works in the same office as beloved).

Cik Abang called me up after delivering them to our friend and told me that she was all smiles! Alhamdulillah she likes them so much!

Finally the cushions are completed!!! (RM 150 each without trimmings)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ribbon Embroidery Cushion as a wedding gift


The following ribbon embroidery cushions were finally completed last night. Wan and Atok will be bringing the cushions to JB and present them to Tok Li and Wan Noor for their daughter, Nana's ,wedding in November, InsyaAllah. The cushions were made to match the colour scheme for Nana's wedding which is peach. Maklang hope they will like them...

This is the colour scheme for the wedding.
This one as well.

This is the embroidery which was completed almost a month ago. I just didn't have the time to sew it to be a cushion cover!
Finally, after forcing myself to sew them, since Wan and Atok will be going back to JB from KL, so finally there were completed in half an hour! (RM 100 each, with trimmings)

Do come again to see more of my crafts! Hope you will benefit from it! Thanks!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baju Kurung - The traditional costume for Malaysian ladies

I have made some drawings on how to cut the Baju Kurung. Baju kurung is worn mostly by the Malaysian ladies, anywhere, anytime of the day and is the most seen dress in Malaysia. The following shows how the baju kurung can be cut and sewn. It is quite difficult for me to explain in words as I am not a professional tailor. The drawing below was actually drawn when a friend of mine has specifically requested on the pattern of the baju kurung. For those who wanted a furhter explaination, please do not hesitate to leave your comments and I will, InsyaAllah, revert to you.

Have fun. Sorry if the drawing is a bit too small!