Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pouch again


Looks like today is going to be a nice day...But its too early to tell. I can hear the birds chirping away which creates a very 'kampung' and serene atmosphere here...Oh well...I just love it here...he..he..

Today I will put up ribbon embroidery pouches that I have been struggling to complete before I take my long awaited vacation at the end of the month. I will mail it to the owner sometime this week. I hope she will like them. There is another one to go...InsyaAllah will sew it into a bag by tomorrow!:)

Code: P1- 08052009
Material velvet
Size: Approx: 8L x 8H x 3D
Price: RM 55.00

Code: P2- 08052009
Material velvet
Size: Approx: 6L x 8H x 3D
Price: RM 50.00

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sALLy said...


Mak Lang, jgn lupa amik hadiah yg xseberapa kat Fp Sally ek..
slmt Hari Ibu..:)